Quasar delivers premium and innovative Light Therapy devices to professionals and home users. We continue to deliver the best customer experience by having the most informed and satisfied customers all over the globe.

Experience Quasar

Quasar has been advising skin care professionals, consumers, and the curious alike about the remarkable benefits and results from the ground-breaking and emerging skin care and acne technology since 2001.

The Quasar Difference

When we say it is our vision to deliver the Best Customer Experience, we actually mean it. We offer the most unbiased, informative, and current advice and information. Our customer support is unequaled. Feel free to contact us an speak with an informed and helpful expert in medical devices and skin care.

Integrity. Advantage: Quasar

For all to see, we commit to what we say. Not only by saying and doing, but in the promise we make to the public with every Quasar we sell.

Quasar Believes:

Quasar believes in the technology we offer. Seeing is believing, and our customers continue to experience first hand how our skin care devices change lives.

Quasar delivers some of the simplest and demanded expectations:
– All equipment is manufactured in the U.S.A.
– We continue to engineer ways to offer the best in durable, professional grade equipment.
– We service everything we offer and provide unparalleled warranties.